The beginning

photo of the discovery of Brasil on April 22, 1500

On April 22, 1500 Brasil is discovered by the Portuguese navigator Pedro Alvares Cabral, in what is today Porto Seguro. The Portuguese commercial empire which in less than a hundred years extended to four continents was the contributor fact on the discovery of Brasil. In 1499 Vasco da Gama returned in triumph to Lisbon from his […]

Brazilian music

Discussion about Brazilian music from 19th century to present

Brazilian Music Development

With the empire they created, the Portuguese also created an evil that would linger in this world and to which the consequences we still see today: the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Moved by the profit motive and the lack of indigenous Americans to do the hard work, the country started a practice called the ‘Triangular Trade’. […]

Jazzmin Music

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