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Paulinho with Mieczyslaw Szczesniak

Special Chicago concert
One night only, please dont miss it

January 21st, 7.00pm

Holy Trinity Roman Caltholic Church
1118 N Noble St, Chicago, IL

Produced by Grazyna Auguscik

Mieczyslaw Szczesniak – vocal

Paulinho Garcia – guitar, vocal
Geraldo De Oliveira – percussion
Heitor Garcia – percussion
Leandro Lopez – piano
Jack Zara – bass

String Quartet

Special guest:
Grazyna Auguscik – vocal

Featuring music from Mietek Szcze?niak’s compositions to poems by Jan Twardowski from his newest album titled “Nier√≥wni” (English: “Unequal/Uneven”).
Mietek's Szcze?niak's composition to priest Jan Twardowski’s poem titled “Wiersz z bana?em w ?rodku”, Spoza nas, became Mietek’s greatest hit. His goal in this recording, and in a series of future concerts, is to share his love for Twardowski’s poetry. By combining his own beautiful melodies with the poems Mietek has done just that and, by using a variety of music styles from the Brazilian and Latin genre they now can be sung and danced, filled with the same emotions Twardowski expresses in his poems.

The recording was done in Chicago and Los Angeles with arragements by Paulinho Garcia, Mietek Szczesniak and Krzysztof Herdzin (string quartet).