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I play and record on a simple Conde Hermanos 2001 studio flamenco guitar. Felipe V № 2.

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I’ve been using L.R.Baggs product for a long time. I started with the Para DI, actually my guitar is fitted with the Anthem SL classical guitar pickup and I, just recently, began to use the VoicePrint DI when playing live.

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D’Addario is another company who’s product I use constantly, specially the classical and flamenco strings, Pro-Arté and lightly polish composite

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The wonderful Babyface pro FS interface, the heart of my home recordings and also as a two channels mixer for my solo live performances.

Clean perfect sound all the time.

Educational books - Literature

Greg Fishman  

saxophone at it’s best

Since 1995, master flutist Julie Koidin has been researching one of the most beautiful Brazilian music genre, choro music.

Her two books 

Choro Conversations: Pursuing Life, Love and Brazil’s Musical Identity (2013)

Os Sorrisos do Choro: Uma Jornada Musical Através Caminhos Cruzados (2011)

photo of author Judith Schlesinger, PhD

Judith Schlesinger, PhD

Is a psychologist, educator, author, musician, jazz writer, painter and public radio host who believes that genius should be celebrated, not diagnosed.

Dr. Judith Schlesinger, Shrinktunes Media, c0-produces Paulinho’s recordings.

The Insanity Hoax

Exposing the Myth of the Mad Genius

This study, in its second edition, explores and debunks the widely accepted but unfounded notion that genius and madness are linked. 

Jazzmin Music

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