Beautiful Love Cover 300The honeyed quality of his vocals and the delicacy and dexterity of his guitar work point to a musician of uncommon grace, subtlety, and control.
Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

If this is your first exposure to Garcia, get set for a treat!
George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

A very intimate and heartwarming approach...a joy...Whatever the mood the song brings, Paulinho delivers it with incomparable swing and pizzazz.
Egidio Leitao, Musica Brasileira

Garcia swings throughout in his singing...his phrasing brings out the best in these songs.
Scott Yanow, Jazz Inside 

Beautiful Love is a truly intimate look at a most gifted artist...there is an ebb and flow that is captivating.
Brent Black, Bop-n-Jazz

Some of these standards I was in advance somewhat skeptical about, as they have been played over and over, but I surrendered when I heard Paulinho's personal interpretations.
Lira Magazine, Sweden



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Paulinho Garcia phrases with something bordering on genius and plays a wonderful guitar.
Raul Da Gama, World Music Report

No language barrier when it comes to love – Paulinho translates the emotion beautifully.
Bob Morello, Post-Gazette (Boston)

The world of music needs more understated, beautiful music from the likes of Paulinho Garcia. There are far too many shouters, overly-loud musicians who all seem to be attempting to out-perform each other... I love nothing more than to hear someone like him, a breath of fresh air... Ray Alexander, (UMFM, Winnipeg, Canada)

Music that makes you take a deep sigh... Marc Myers, Jazz Wax

I have been a longtime fan of Paulinho and his music, whether listening to or performing alongside him. This quiet peaceful solo setting invites us to be embraced by his sensitivity and musical depth... Jeff Hamilton

It's like really hearing the lyrics for the first time, with simply beautiful vocal interpretations and guitar accompaniments. ... Gene Bertoncini

Paulinho's CD is very close, personal, intimate... It captured the beauty of simplicity. ... John Clayton

So many of my favorite tunes performed with great eloquence and sensitivity, an outstanding set of performance. ... Mike Metheny

Romance is alive and well - through this album -- that's what's refreshing, too! "When I Fall in Love" is tender -- that's what's been missing in all the other 'over-produced,' 'cluttered' albums we hear these days! - a quiet symphony tiptoeing into your heart! ... Edy Toussainte | music therapist

The album is truly lovely! Very calming and healing with clear simplicity of rhythm, "Beautiful Love" is a clean warm summer rain for the heart. ... Richard Shulman | RichHeart Music

Beautiful Love is a stunning collection of Great American Songbook classics masterfully married with Brazilian standards to create a dramatic portrait of one of Chicago's best kept secrets! Brent Black,

Serene. Sweet. Bewitching. Esther Berlanga-Ryan,

Remarkably a recording that goes on for some fifteen songs does not feel boring for even a moment. This is probably because Mr. Garcia brings something new to each song. Raul Da Gama,

Beautiful Love may be the musical statement that puts Garcia on the jazz map for good... a world class musician. Edward Blanco, All About Jazz 

Chicago's Undiscovered Brazilian Gem, Vocalist/Guitarist Paulinho Garcia, Infuses American Songbook Standards With Bossa Nova Soul On His New Solo Album Beautiful Love

What is love?

In effect, that's the question the great Chicago-based Brazilian musician Paulinho Garcia asks in his disarming new album, "Beautiful Love."

Just in time for a Valentine's celebration, Paulinho Garcia's new album, Beautiful Love, presents us with the various complexities of love.