Visions of João Gilberto arise when listening to Paulinho Garcia's remarkable recording, Beautiful Love. But there is an elemental difference. Mr. Gilberto sang with a tendency to whisper and wander charmingly off-key. Paulinho Garcia, on the other hand, has perfect pitch; sings with a charismatic English accent; phrases with something bordering on genius and plays a wonderful guitar.

Breathtaking music is that which, as the word very well states, takes your breath away. A voice, a lyric, a feeling, a sound.

Beautiful Love is a stunning collection of Great American Songbook classics masterfully married with Brazilian standards to create a dramatic portrait of one of Chicago's best kept secrets!

Brazilian son Paulinho Garcia may not be an immediately recognizable figure in the jazz world today and that is largely by design as he eschews the limelight in favor of being behind the scenes producing concerts, working with other artists and serving as a clinician.